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Born out of the first lockdown in Copenhagen in March 2020, STEMS started as a way to keep the electronic music community together and inspired.

The challenge: a sample pack is crafted by a producer or a community. 2 weeks to make a track based on 8 samples only. Maximum track length is 3:20 minutes.

Tracks are uploaded to STEMS SoundCloud for everyone's listening pleasure. Artists' names remain hidden for 1 week to ensure objective feedback. Participating producers give detailed feedback to each other anonymously.

Winner is announced and artists are revealed after a 3-week cycle. Open to anyone interested and all styles welcome.

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no synths or instruments only 8
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To get creative with limitations in the production process. To discover the spectrum of musical expression that emerges from a pack of sounds. To co-create a platform where artists can release music, collect and share valuable feedback, and get to know each other.

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What is POAP?

The Proof of Attendance Protocol is an open standard that allows you to collect unique digital badges every time you submit a track for a STEMS round. It's a fun way to show your participation by collecting non fungible tokens (NFTs).
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